Hi, I'm Michelle.

Michelle DeWolf is the founder of The Festive Table. She is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach working with busy adults, families and kids, guiding them to add healthier habits and goals to each day. She keeps it all fun and sustainable to improve health and wellness for a lifetime.

Good Eggs Kitchen Meal Kits

"These are not only quick to prep and easy to choose, they simply give me great ideas. I can then order the groceries I need to make something similar that will work for my vegetarian / carnivore / big / small eaters family. I can follow Good Eggs recipes as a starting place! Order Good Eggs Carnitas for sure!"

Blue House Organic Farm Nantes Carrots

"These now have a cult following among my children and their friends. I am buying them by the truckload and cutting up carrot sticks for kids all over town! These taste like no carrot you have had yet."

Alexandre Family Farm Organic Pasture Raised Eggs

"It is vitally important to my family, myself and the planet that we get the best eggs we can from the happiest chickens because we eat a lot of eggs. I love these with their golden nutritious yolks and clean flavor. The food provided by happy animals are higher in all the nutrients we need to thrive."

"Good Eggs brings the highest quality meals, produce and products right to my door. I can do my good work taking care of my family and getting others healthier while Good Eggs brings the farm fresh nutrients to me. They save me tons of time and I can keep an eye on my grocery expenses too."

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